why do viral videos go viral?

viral video

How do you create a viral video?
“If i knew that i wouldn’t be telling you would I”

So why do videos go viral? And keep going?
  • Timing – (it must be of the now) if your too early or too late no one cares. What else is on the news? Planning a holiday.
  • Fresh – don’t copy other people, it won’t catch on.
  • Is the message clear – will some get it in seconds?
  • Do people resonate with the content?
  • Is the content good – do people want to watch it?
  • Will someone share it with someone else?
  • Weather – yes really the weather!
  • Make them laugh or smile
  • Something controversial, or resonates with your target audience.
  • And luck lots of luck

word of mouth or viral video?

Video is no longer an “up-and-coming” marketing tactic — it’s here, and it’s a powerful way to communicate your story, explain your value proposition, and build relationships with your customers and prospects.

Did you know that including video on a landing page can increase conversion rates by 80%
Or that 92% of mobile video consumers share videos with others?

18-24s lead the way in terms of overall share of users watching video, but growth for 45+ users is proportionally faster.

Cape Town viral video

Cape Town city centre.


The overall rise in desktop videos consumed is offset by declining average duration, as viewers enjoy greater volumes of shorter-form content.

comScore 2016

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