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Video is a Tool

Everybody wants video content. Video is the king of content marketing blah blah blah – we know. But video production has a reputation of being too expensive for small businesses. And if you look around, well yes, the prices are through the roof.

The truth is it really doesn’t have to be like this. Added to this, most people have a video made (that they can barely afford) and then share it on their website and social media with clients that already know about them. You’ve just blown thousands on a piece of content that got a couple hundred views. What is the point of that?

You need to consider that video is not the goal, but rather the messenger of a much larger marketing strategy. Video at the end of the day is just a tool. A tool to communicate with strangers in an engaging effortless way. My guess is you are not reading this text any way because you’re watching the video on this page. So what are we saying exactly?

Let us make your video WITHOUT a Price Tag

Seizethecity is a Digital Marketing Agency that uses video as a tool. We don’t just make videos – We build you a following on Youtube, Instagram & Facebook to drive sales. Our primary focus is to drive your sales up by building a community first.

We don’t charge extra for video production, it comes as part of the package. When we see an opportunity to grow your business we take it upon ourselves to create the videos. Our packages start from R4999 / month. Book a Free 20min consulting session to figure out your video needs.

You want “Just the Video”?
OK then, here is the offer.

Video Production Packages for Cape Town

  • SNAP

    • Filmed with HD cameras (DJI Stabiliser Gimbal & GoPro)
    • Basic lighting
    • -
    • -
    • Crew x 1
    • Travel: Free within Cape Town - 30km

    • Professional edit to Free music
    • Max 60sec video
    • First Draft presented before publish
    • -
    • Colour corrected
    • -
    • Music: Youtube Audio Library
    • Branded end-frame

    • -
    • Downloadable .mp4 file 
  • POP
    R15000 <

    • Filmed with HD cameras (DJI Stabiliser Gimbal & GoPro) +DRONE
    • Lighting kit
    • Featured persons (appointed by you or it's us)
    • Sound (vox pops, interview & ambiance)
    • Crew x 2
    • Travel: Free within Cape Town - 100km

    • Professional edit to music
    • Max 120sec video + SNAP (>60sec version)
    • First Draft presented before publish
    • Second Revision
    • Colour corrected
    • Graphics/sub titles inserted
    • Music: Royalty Free Music Library
    • Branded end-frame + Bottom Corner Logo

    • iFrame + custom thumbnail
    • Downloadable .mp4 file

So, what is the difference?

take the path of least resistance





don’t understand something in the pricing plan?

What is a DJI Stabiliser Gimbal

Ok you got us, we wanted to use fancy words.We have two DJI Osmos which is basically a little 4K camera attached to a arm that auto stabilises the shot as you move. It gives us the guarantee that your video will be extra smooth and professional looking. If you want to know more about it check it out here: DJI Osmo Website.

What do you mean by “basic lighting”

We want to provide the viewers a “natural” sense of a place. If the daylight is not good enough or we’re in a dark then we will use LEDs to give the video a little bit of life.

What’s the “featured person” thing all about

It’s about people.

A good video relies on showcasing people and their interactions with you, your product or service. But your business is not all about the product or service, it’s also about your customers. We feel that its very important for an a “Featured Person” to guide the viewer through the narrative of the video by either experiencing (as a customer) or demonstrating (as a business representative).

If you are not comfortable with being in your own video or cant find anyone suitable to represent you, why not try us? Dean &/or Darren are very comfortable on camera and will gladly be featured in your video to represent what it is you want to show the world.

What on earth is a vox pop

Here is Google’s definition (because they better at FAQ than we are):

In broadcasting, vox populi (/ˈvɒks ˈpɒpjuːli/, /-laɪ/ VOKS POP-ew-lee, -lye) is an interview with members of the public. Vox populi is a Latin phrase that literally means “voice of the people”.

Ok so maybe I can make it easier. When someone is talking to the camera in an informal way.

Explain this “first draft before publish with changes” business

Alright, so after the filming is complete we go off to our editing studio and get a first draft together. We will upload this version to a “private space” on the internet and send you a link to view the video. What this means to the different video options.

SNAP – If there are any absolute No-No shots that absolutly must come out you get a chance to tell us at this point. We then fix it up and upload the second and final draft to the server for you.

CRACKLE – You get to make bigger changes like change the music and reshuffle the edit if its not exactly how you imagined it.

POP – You the boss. We will let you tell us what you want and we will go back to the edit room at least twice before we have to charge you. (Try and get that for R3000 any where else in the world)

Can I get the Graphics & Titles on CRACKLE if I remove….

No you cant. We are doing our best to keep the video prices well below the industry standard while maintaining industry quality. This is one of those you can change the menu restaurants unless you pay the price of the POP in which case you can have everything we offer anyway. Come on people a professional video for R2999!!! Its a steal.

PS. have you ever added titles to a video? It takes a lot of time… & we need to eat.

Music: what’s the difference between Youtube library & royalty free library

SNAP: At the backend of Youtube there is an audio library with loads of free music. The music is pretty good for short clips up to 60sec and comes in a variety of genres. Only down side this music is used quite often and you may have a “I’ve heard this track before” situation in the future. (which is not really an issue if you ask me).

CRACKLE & POP: We have access to other libraries with original and usable creative commons music. We may need to give the artist credit if so required in the description of your video.

Music: Can I use commercial music

Yes you can. Using other peoples music is a tricky game though. To be fair the artist royalties will need to be paid.

You can also use many commercial music tracks these days without paying, but at your own risk. This means that the owner of the track has the right to mute it or place an add on the video. It’s up to you. Worst case scenario the video is muted and we have to re-edit it to a new track. (yes that will cost you extra). We cant really say go for it as we feel the artist deserves to get paid for their work as we expect to get paid for ours. Talk to us about it if you want to know more details on the subject.

What is an iFrame & a custom thumbnail

An iFrame is a a small line of code that can be used to embed the video in your website. It’s what we use for you to see the videos on our website even though they are actually hosted on YouTube.

The Thumbnail is the static picture on the video that shows before you hit the play button. We will make you one that suits your needs.

Where and what is the downloadable .mp4 file

We export our videos to a type of video called Mp4. (using H.264 compression in case you were wondering) This is how we can make the file size as small as possible while still maintaining a high quality resolution.

To get the file to you we can send it via Dropbox, Google Drive, WeTransfer or bring it on a flash drive if its not too far away. Alternatively you can give us temporary access to your video hosting account and we can upload it for you.

Why do I want to be featured on

I don’t think we need to go into to much detail here. Why wouldn’t you want to get extra publicity for your business? is a platform to showcase all short videos about Cape Town. We will also include your video in our Social Media campaign to get even more eyeballs on your new video. It’s a no brainer, where else in the world do you get an affordable video with extra marketing thrown in?

Learn how to make your own videos

There is another way. Technology is making video creation easier and easier all the time. Today you can jump on instagram and create video stories in a flash without any experience. Another part of Seizethecity (called is dedicated to teaching people how to create their own video content using nothing more than a mobile phone. Learn more about HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN VIDEOS TODAY.

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